Justine's Secret House Intimate Wedding | Tim & Natalie

Tim & Natalie exchanged vows in the backyard of Justine's Secret House.  Justine's Secret House is a hidden gem in Austin. 

Quite literally hidden -I drove around the block 4 times before I realized I was driving right passed it. The house is tucked behind tall black fences covered in lush green vines; it's nestled right between a design studio and a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Austin.  You could easily dismiss it as an overgrown lot. 

However, once inside, the outside world disappears and the charm and character of the home completely encompasses you. 

The red and blue walls are adorned with detailed oil paintings, chandeliers and even a stuffed peacock. The house has an abundance of character, which is what drew Natalie to the venue in the first place. She is a graphic designer and an incredibly talented one at that, so the design of the wedding venue was her top priority. 

I fell in love with the way the house tells a story, without even trying. Every detail and decor element filled the house with character. 

And Tim and Natalie added their own style and color the venue as well, I mean Natalie rocked a red wedding dress. How does it get any cooler than that? Their personalities shined through every detail of their outfits, their invitations, and their care for their guests. 

The intimacy of the house was magnified as 40 of their closest family and friends gathers in the backyard of the house to witness Tim and Natalie exchange vows. Guests were greeted with Champaign as they waited outside. The guests formed a semi circle around the area as Tim and Natalie processed down the aisle. It was such a sweet feeling, even from an outsiders perspective, to be surrounded by all those they loved. 

Natalie's brother officiated the ceremony, and immediate family members sat around the altar, while the rest of their guests stood and watched from afar and watched from the porch. 

I felt truly honored to be one of the few to witness Natalie and Tim's union. Everyone there made me feel like I was a part of the family. 

I fell in love with their wedding day. While I have shot other elopements and intimate weddings, the relaxed nature and overall character of Tim & Natalie's wedding day struck a chord with me. That's what I want my wedding to be like. Relaxed, intimate, and full of character. Not trying to stick to a trend but focus on the individuals getting married. 

Tim and Natalie's day was truly them represented in wedding form. And it was the most beautiful day and a sweet reminder of what weddings are all about. 

You and your person, with your people, in your place doing it your way. Nothing else matters, stop looking at Pinterest and Instagram, look at your partner, and magnify that.