I’m here to serve you. You have ONE big day and one time where all your friends and family are in one spot, so let’s treat it with the dedication and honor it deserves. AND FREAKING ENJOY IT. Who doesn’t like a good party?

I won’t let you get halfway through the session with a hair tie on your wrist or lipstick on your teeth, girl I got you. 

Forgot your bouquet in the bridal suite? Better believe I’m sprinting to grab it for you. 

Did you just spill red wine on your tux? I’ll be there with tide pen and little photoshop to fix you up real quick! 

Rain on your wedding day? Thats what clear umbrellas are for. I’m here for you. 

I go above and beyond just taking pictures.

Love being in front of the camera? Hate having your picture taken?

Do you not feel “hipster” enough for pics, ha you’re funny. What even is hipster?

No matter what, I got your back, you just have to be you! I want you to feel as natural and as YOU as you can. 

Crazy family? Want lots of party pictures? Tricky venue? Unique Family Traditions?

I’m ready to capture it all. Rainy days, sunny ceremonies, barns, national parks, intimate weddings, big families, elopements, I’ll be there to capture whatever way you choose to celebrate your love!

I am here to be your friend, not just another vendor, from the moment you reach out till you download your gallery, I promise to keep communication clear, fast and focused on YOUR wants.

So? If you like someone who goes the extra mile to serve you and you like my photos, looks like you’ve just found yourself the perfect wedding photographer. Let’s be friends!

Sarah E. Photography Colorado Wedding Photographer


Better known as the one crying on your wedding day. You’ll find me tearing up at some point, something about watching other people’s love just gets to me.

Also known as the one hiking around Colorado with my pups, probably not breathing very well cause altitude is a real thing people, I promise I workout sometimes! Belting out some off key tunes in my car, Spotify Premium is a life changer. Oh and eating lots of chocolate, can never have too much chocolate.

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