I’m a wedding photographer based out of the crazy hot and beautiful Austin, TX. More importantly I’m someone who loves adventuring with friends, belting out the Spotify sing-a-long in the car playlist way too much, taking my dog absolutely everywhere is socially acceptable (and sometimes places she’s not), long road trips full of too many gas station snacks (have you ever stuck bugles on your fingers?), skiing long winter days lost in the silence of the trees and playing board games with my family and friends deep into the night. My heart for adventure is calling me to live in the mountains soon, but for now I will brave the heat and make some awesome memories in Austin.

I’ve been shooting weddings and couples for 3 years now, which has been the most incredible journey. I have been able to travel the country and experience a world of love like I never imaged. My heart skips a beat every time I watch couples love, each love so unique and so intensely beautiful. 

I’m not about those rigid poses or recreating photos you saw on Pinterest because I never want to make you feel like you’re a doll being contorted into someone else. I want you two to feel like yourselves in your photos. I’m about capturing you two for who you are and what your relationship is. The real, quirky, sarcastic, teasing, sacrificial, gentle, fun, and down right weird love that you have. I want to capture the little touches and the big emotions. All that combined is what your love is.

I want to capture the real love you two share, the every day nuances. The perfectly imperfect kind of love. How he sneaks a butt grab when he thinks no one is looking, how you laugh until you snort (aka me), the way he holds you close and protects you from the world, or how your heart beats a little faster when you’re around him because everything just feels like home. I want to grab the moments in between, the big show and the quiet moments, I want to capture you for you. 

I want to hear your hearts. I want to listen to your love. I want to serve you.

Now, let’s go chase some light together.

Sarah & Aspen (my fur baby)